Writing Web Content That Works

Great online writing can get your business anywhere. After all, your website represents your brand. On the other hand, sloppily written web content can make you lose sales.

Here’s what you need to know about writing web content.

Start with SEO keyword research

The most important thing about writing is this: enter a conversation that is already going on in your readers’ mind. Keyword research tools are everywhere. One of the most accessible ones is Google Trends. If you have a topic in mind, look for the top keywords for that topic and work around it.

Be smart with keywords

Keyword stuffing no longer works. Jamming grammatically incorrect keywords into your articles makes you look sketchy and untrustworthy. Your numbers would suffer and you’d get the opposite of what you wanted.

Search engines are smarter now. They can understand what your page is about even if you don’t use the exact words.

Write for your audience, not yourself

The standards for online writing is ever-changing. New buzzwords and slang come in every day. You’d wonder if the rules you learned in school are still correct. Simple tip: Be consistent. Be modern.

For web content writers, the AP stylebook is kind of like the bible for writing standards.

The secret to going viral

You never really know what would go viral. It’s a matter of brand identity, promotion, timing, and really, sheer luck.

One thing that viral posts DO have in common is this: emotional impact.

Tap into what pulls your readers’ heartstrings. When planning your content strategy, find out what emotional contribution your product or service has to your customer’s lives.

Pack a punch

Keep your writing sharp and direct. Your choice of words should emphasize action. This means you need to cut out the use of passive voice. Try using more exciting and unique verbs instead of clichés.

What are some things that really capture your attention online? Feel free to share with us!

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