Why turn your customers into your co-creators?

Content does not simply spring up out of nowhere. It is a by-product of thorough ideation sessions, planning, execution, and many other team collaborations.

The problem with content, however, is that it is difficult to sustain. With limited heads involved in the game, your content tends to be repetitive, untimely, and alarmingly mediocre.

So, how do you prevent your business from running out of content ideas?

This is where co-creation comes in.


What is co-creation?

Co-creation is a strategy in which businesses welcome ideas and suggestions from consumers.

This is a collaborative process where your customers are involved in your decision making — either in product development, online content, or business strategy.

The concept of co-creation is simple. You bring new players with a fresh set of eyes into the table.

Co-creation challenges your business to break the status quo; giving way to new ideas and better perspectives to further meet the needs of the people you serve.

From a business standpoint, your customers can be your co-creators.


Why involve your customers?

Customers love to tinker. The internet makes it possible for them to engage in discourses about a brand’s product or services. Although some are cutthroat, others may tend to leave note-worthy suggestions.

Your consumers’ active involvement in the product development phase makes it easier for you to identify your pain points. Consider them as your allies.

Their insights pave the way for you to create better content, build more ergonomic products, and discover more customer-centered services that will truly benefit you in the long run.


Who can be your co-creators?

Co-creation is dynamic. You can involve different groups to help you with your creation phase. Your co-creators can be your prospective buyers, your suppliers, the industry’s leading influencers, and even your competitors.

Involving many heads in the game will hugely impact your decision-making process. 

The goal is always to seek newer perspectives.


What are the ways to co-create?

The internet opens a gateway to awesome ways to collaborate. You can do this by hosting online forums, running surveys on social media, asking for product reviews, and soliciting suggestions from random consumers.

Another common strategy is building communities on social media. This keeps you closer to your consumers, making it easier for you to identify their needs.


When is the best time to create?

Some say that it is best to co-create right after product development. We have seen businesses and brands do this. 

After completing a product, they would immediately run test surveys. Somewhat like a trial and error method where they continuously upgrade things over time.

But if you want a “love at first sight” effect — that instant connection between your product and your customers — get them involved from the beginning.

This saves you resources and can be a fun experiment and experience for you and your customers.

Either way, consider this a relationship geared towards a suitable outcome.

Think about how far your content would go with the kind of help you’ll get from your customers. There are so many good reasons why it’s best to start involving them in the process.


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