Why the New Face of Google Fits the Brand

Along with the recent release of Alphabet, Google also released its new logo. And it’s quite fitting.

This is probably one of the biggest changes for the past six years for Google. Using a sans-serif typeface while still retaining the colors red, yellow, green and blue, the new logo has made it possible to get their brand across the board from web to mobile.

During a meeting in New York earlier this year, the team gathered together for a week-long sprint with the goal to make the new logo work in all platforms. 

From the ground up and hours and hours of work and design, the team was able to funnel down to one design that fits. It’s a different style from the Google that was publicly traded last 2004. Small tweaks such as the colors to make each letter stand out even when combined with other letters. The slightly tilted ‘e’ has always been a trademark for the said logo. Another feature is the set of dynamic dots in four basic colors that moves when transitioning.

San serif is a commonly used typeface for company logos. Big companies such as Yahoo, Apple and Hewlett-Packard Co. all use this font.

Google is tinkering on new ways to make their brand accessible as many users pick up their hand-held devices aside from desktop.

The company’s logo redesign signifies an even bigger shift in its structure. Last month, Google unveiled a plan to break its Web operations. Google X research lab and Calico are ambitious plans set to seek to extend human life. All of these are set under the parent company Alphabet.

With a logo that’s looks less corporate and more friendly, Google has proven itself again as the thought leader of today’s innovation. And the best is still yet to come where this tech giant is concerned.

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