What’s the Best Way To Approach Your Business Presentations?

Whenever I end up making a Powerpoint deck for someone else, majority of the time, I delete a lot of text off of every slide. And this leads to a series of questions that I’m always prepared for, but it’s something I don’t consider fun. They probably planned on using the words to remind them of what they were up to. And I don’t blame them for these questions at all. It’s something that I want to shed light on. Either way, here are three reasons why you need to move away from lost of text and leverage more images.

1. A Picture is worth a thousand words.

Yeah, yeah… We’ve heard it a million times, but it’s something you can apply on your decks as well. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having text on the slide, but having full sentences on the slide just removes the whole point of you (the presenter) being there.

2. Pictures help you focus, and helps people remember things.

Slides with a lot of texts all over run the strong risk of people not remember anything that we presented. Or worse, they get bored and not listen. I can’t speak for everyone, but for most people I know, that’s how it rolls. Instead of using a lot of texts, try using images that compliments your point and catches their attention ( but not too much that they focus more on the picture than on you ).

3. The Slide is meant to compliment your presentation, not be the presentation.

What good are you if the audience get can get all the information from your deck? You can just send them your deck, and you’re done. You don’t want that, and they don’t want that. That’d be silly. Instead, use your deck to illustrate and support your point.

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