What Makes A Good Brand Persona?

Can your audience relate to your brand?

There are companies who can gently communicate who they are and what they stand for without being so harsh and annoying.

When we give our brands a friendly face, we feel that we can approach them any time.

When we give it a bold and strong image, we are assured that it is reliable.

When our brand is too noisy, we can see that no one takes time to notice it (xxxxx followers, but 0 engagement? Really?).

Of course, we’d rather have the former instead of the latter, right?

So why is having a brand persona so important? Here’s 3 things that would help us understand:

  1. It helps the people remember the brand.
    Brand recall, that’s what they call it. It’s being able to explain what the brand is all about, what it sells, what color scheme they have, what message they convey, easily. If a person can do so with your brand, you’re in good track.
  2. It converts people into advocates, not just clients.
    Companies nowadays don’t just want a client – because a client or a customer comes and goes. They don’t stay. They are only a visitor and they may never come back. But having a brand persona creates advocates who speak for them, who shares their vision and mission, who would do whatever it takes to make sure that people know about the brand.
  3. It is more about giving value to, not taking away from, the client.
    People are now realizing their right to NOT be distracted that they would pay to remove ads. They would do everything to avoid an advertisement that would get their precious 15 seconds away. But when they see your brand pumping out content that would make their lives better? Look at how many interactions you’ll get. People love to interact with ideas, data, information, experience that would make the world a better place. Make sure that your brand persona does so.

Brands with personalities relate to people, more. They do not assure instant sales but at least people will remember who your brand is, why it should be trusted and what they can get from it. If the world would have brands that communicate like a person, what a very interactive and fun place it would be.

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