What is Thought Leadership?


Change agents, innovators, connoisseurs. These are the people who make change an asset and their opinion gems. What many of us believe is that these are the people who are always on the top of their classes, those belonging to the highest ladder in the company or organization. Now, we ask ourselves: Is it possible to have ordinary people like you become the ‘go-to’ person in your workplace? The answer is a resounding YES.

Just as the coin has two sides, being a thought leader also comes in two facets:

First is pushing the norms from traditional methods and using a better one.

Second is using these new methods to catalyze an acceptable method beneficial to society — or the world.

But being able to achieve these two things simultaneously can take a chunk of your time and with some difficulty.

For many, being a thought leader is a far-fetched idea that only executives and CIOs can ever achieve. Compared to traditional workplaces, the rise of new companies embracing a change in the working environment has made it possible for leaders of the same (if not better!) caliber are rising up to meet the challenge. There’s a flow of unique ideas that has the capacity to create a change on a global basis. And you can be a relevant part of your organization’s success.

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So what does it take to make you a relevant entity in your company? Here are some ways you can make a positive difference:

1.) Make your presence known

Before you become relevant, you need to make your presence known. First, let people discover your talent. Next, figure out your talent. Then, develop your talent and become better at it. Your goal is to make you a frontrunner in this given field.

2.) Mentor others

Being a mentor to an entry-level employee will not only benefit them, this will also motivate you to polish and enhance your talent. The target is to explain complicated details and make it simpler for them to understand.

3.) Know your limit

Know what your limitations are. Don’t exaggerate your knowledge and ability just to ‘prove’ to them that you’re the authority in that field. By doing this, you’ll be losing credibility and show lack of humility. One way for you to gain ground in circumstances like these is to refer them to someone who knows it better than you.

4.) Think ‘game changer’

 Think different and think better. In order to become a thought leader, you need to apply new ways of thinking and innovate. Put your heart into learning the ways how your company works, identify competitive pressures and find opportunities in obstacles presented.


Doing this alone will take time. Doing this with the right team with the same goals and you’d come up with legandary results.

If you want to improve the environment in your company or organization, become a part of that solution. Thought leaders are not ‘one-night’ success stories. You need to learn from the right people and be open for opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

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