What are you Thankful for this 2016?

What are you Thankful for this 2016?


At the end of this year, we always come into introspection about the things that we are grateful for. It could be your family, the company you work in, the co-workers that become part of your family, your silly, true friends or even to the smallest things that you’ve received.


Regardless of how this year started, the experiences that you’ve had, the people you meet, the trials and hardships you overcome. You will always have something to be thankful for.


So, check out what Carvers are thankful for this 2016:

“God-centered, Intimate, Deep, Genuine Friendship.”

“The company, the people, the opportunities, all the hardships, and pie. I love pie!”

“To be in a company who loves the Lord, opportunities to grow and  share God’s love with others.”

“I’m thankful that CARVE has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to become part of this ministry and meet awesome, wonderful people.”

“The experiences, blessings, people, and life.”

” A lot, but with work – I am extremely grateful to have met and get close to a lot of co-workers and also thankful for my client – Glenn.

“Getting MARRIED, To be with NOD as an AM and being with the Team Blackwing/Steve Salvia.”

“Reached 1 year as a Carver.”

“Jesus, the leaders and the rest of the people that God allowed to enter into my life.”

“Being part of a great team!”


I don’t know how 2016 went for you, but I’m sure you have something to be thankful for. Sometimes we tend to neglect the simple things, and usually we forget to appreciate it.

It’s not the biggest act of kindness that makes a big impact, but those subtle, heartfelt ones that melt our hearts.


How about you?  What are you Thankful for this 2016?

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