Weird Filipino Names That My Future VA May Have

Ever since, babies born in a society were given a personal code. A code where others can identify and differentiate one from the other. It is an initiation of becoming common person to a unique person. Giving names or personal codes to babies at the moment they were born is normal.

In the Philippines, it is common, that even when the baby is yet to be born, parents are already thinking of what they will call their babies when they are born. They want to give their babies a “unique” one. If you notice some of the filipino names are unique, funny, sometimes hilarious and worse; out this world.

Think of this, When these babies with “weird” names grow up, go to school, graduate, find a job, get hired in a BPO company and eventually be your virtual assistant? If you are the client what will be your feeling or reaction when you encounter these people?

Before you judge or laugh at their names, let us talk why is that they are given such names. Here are the common ways parents name their children;

  1. Adding a “Junior” or “III” and so on to the names. These is common in naming baby boys and the fathers are very proud of their names. It also shows the history of how many are of them in the family are using it. The downside of this, is that if the name is weird or hilarious then many will suffer the consequence of bearing these names.
  • Inodoro Casillas Jr. (“Toilet Bathroom Jr.”)
  • Desidido Macahabal Jr. ( “Decided Copulator Jr.”)
  • Pasensyoso Manigbasay Jr. (“Patient Slasher Jr.”)


  1. The “Perfect Combination” It is a way where two names are fused to make one unique name. The names are not necessarily from the parents, it may be from the grandparents, cousins, favorite love teams and so on.
  • Danilyn; Combination of Danielle and Lynn.
  • Mariacorazón; Combination of MARIA and CORAZÓN.
  • Lizquen; Combination of Liza and Enrique


  1. The “Sentimental” These are the names that commemorates an occasion or a special place for the parents. It is just using the place where your parents had their first date, the date or year you were born or the moment that they enjoyed the most.
  • Yours ’98 Pascual
  • June Six Camille Gorion
  • Mary Christmas Aguinaldo


  1. “Topic of the day” It is used to have a general idea of what the names of their children. It may be the different seasons, casts of their favorite movie or countries or just simply names starting with the same letter and last, for the twins; the interchangeable letters.
  • Makisig, and Maliksi Morales
  • Jayden, Jason, Jordan, and Joshua
  • Aiden and Nadia (reverse of the other)


  1. “Lost in Translation” It is unlikely translation a foreign name to give it a “pinoy twist” or it may also mean being translated to a different local dialect
  • Mandy Dalawangbayan (Mandy Two towns)
  • Marie Juan Bagonggahasa (Mary John Newly Raped)
  • Leon Mangubat (Lion Forest)


  1. “Chinese – Chinesan” These are more likely used by filipinos full of weird imagination. They put weird first names so when combined with the last name, it will sound funny.
  • Andy Lim (“Very Dark”)
  • Tina Go (“Hidden”)
  • Lino Koh (“Fooled”)


  1. “Out-of-this-world” These are the kinds that it is just very unfortunate that they have the weirdest names of all. It may be because of the surname or worst first name combined with the last name makes a funny name.
  • Benny Bilang (“Counted”)
  • May Regla (“With Menstruation”)
  • Dina Lego (“Didn’t Took a bath”)
  • Anne Bajo (“Smelly”)
  • Dina Macuja (“Can’t Get”)


Names are what makes us “US”. It enables us to be differentiated from the others. We may encounter people with weird names, but it doesn’t make them less of who they are. They are also people with feelings. When you meet them remember, name is not a basis of what they can do and what they cannot. If you are a client, and you meet them, will their name be a factor whether to hire them or not?

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