Turning Influencers into Brand Evangelists

Now that it’s past its early stages, influencer marketing has shown itself to be an effective form of marketing with high returns. Brands are investing more into influencers and have learned various methods in picking the right influencers and right strategies.

For example, brands have become more careful about the influencers they choose. They crack down on influencers with fake or bloated follower counts. Marketers have also learned to look into engagement rate or like rate and prioritize it over the number of followers.

In fact, micro influencers or those with 1,000 to 10,000 followers are shown to have a higher engagement rate than macro influencers or those with more than 10,000. With lower fees, micro influencer marketing all turns out to be more cost-efficient.

Beyond that, brands are also making sure that the influencers they hire are in line with their brand values. There have been multiple accounts of brands cutting ties with high-value influencers because they end up doing something that is against their ethos.

Rather than experimenting with a lot of influencers, many brands are opting to work with those who are a good fit. Some of the best relationships between brands and influencers last long after the end of the campaign. As a brand, the best thing you can do on your end is to deliver products or services and create an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

This is how you turn a brand influencer, someone who’s worked with you for one campaign, into a brand evangelist. When your experience with them leaves positive memories, your now-evangelist would continue to say good things about your brand even when they are no longer being paid for it. This is because you have instilled within them a genuine belief in your brand.

When marketing, this is the kind of result you would want to have with everyone who comes across your brand. Your marketing and your customers’ experience with your brand should result in the doing your work for you.

Don’t just look for influencers, although it won’t hurt to try an influencer marketing campaign or two. Turn them into brand evangelists who will speak good things about you for you.

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