Top 5 VA Tools for 2016

If y’all wondering what are the top 5 Virtual Assistant Tools for every Carver in year 2016, well, here it goes. I’ve gathered information from our Virtual Assistants and it seems that they all have common answers.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is such an important tool especially here in Carve because Carve is a business that helps local and international companies to be known through creating their websites, advertising in social media, and other marketing related activities. Photoshop improves communication between you and and your designer and it saves time on the little things. Making the brand of a certain company is hard work and Photoshop is great way to keep your brand looking good for years to come.


For Carvers, wordpress is such a significant tool because wordpress is the most versatile Content Management System (CMS) and guess what, this tool is free! WordPress can create any kind of website that’s why it’s very useful to every Carver.

Google Drive

Why? Because this kind of tool can help every carver to synchronize and manage their files efficiently and effectively. Google Drive can help every carver to access their work anytime and anywhere. They can also upload and share their files. This tool is perfect for collaborations.


This tool gives the carver the access to free and for purchase ONTRApages, ONTRAmail, and ONTRAforms templates proven to improve and increase conversions.


This is a collaboration tool that helps the Carvers to classify or collocate their project into boards. This will also help the carvers to organize their files and this will help them to manage their works.

Technology nowadays helps us to simplify our works and it makes the world move faster. Kudos to the inventors of technology!

That’s all folks! These are the top 5 Virtual Assistant Tools for every carver in year 2016.

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