Top 5 VA Job trends of 2016

As the year is about to end, We’ve summed up Top 5 VA job trends of 2016

1.Social Media

Most of our clients spend so much time in social media this year. It’s been their platform in expanding their business on a whole different level. The online reputation that social media builds for companies is really stepping up its branding and awareness. The usual social media platforms that we manage are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat and others. We provide contents there and use it also to communicate with our clients.

  1. SEO

Boosting SEO is one trend that we’ve been working out for our client. SEO helps our client’s website or services to be visible, the branding awareness, the web traffic and insights from the customers. The credibility of our client’s business is built up to those searching customers.

Studies have shown that, “SEO can have a better ROI than traditional forms of marketing like TV and print ads.”

If a company has been always showing up in a search engine , the higher chance they get potential customers or leads.

  1. Email Marketing

In email marketing, we sequence a set of engaging and compelling emails about our client’s products or services, and our ultimate goal is for the potential customer to start  the deal. Email marketing is more into catching them on the hook using the sequence of email that we send to our potentials. In using email marketing we use different tools like:




Always go for the tools where you feel comfortable.

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts has been widely used by our clients. Podcasts provides easier branding and awareness of our client’s business and services and easier to consume.

  1. Social Media Connections

More of our client’s interaction are in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites. It doesn’t just provide them exposure for their services or product, but also increase the chance to get leads through the connections they make online. The social media engagement are more likely to get potential customers.  

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