Top 3 Management Tools to Use for Managing VAs

Working with VAs takes a lot of courage and trust because as the manager, you actually don’t see the person working for you. Your only performance basis is when he is able to do the work, just as you want it, after delivering it to you. The only way to gauge if he is good at what he does is by checking the work he does and how he improves; and it would take you 2 weeks or a month to figure that out.

However, hiring virtual assistants is known to be a wise way to get the job done nowadays because aside from it being cost effective, it gives you the liberty to choose the best candidate without investing much time and effort interviewing the person face to face.

But, any manager who can still get extra help to make managing his VAs much easier would definitely dig into and go for it. Using Project Management Tools is very effective and will give you much ease.

We have chosen top 3 Project Management Tools that we find effective and are using here in CARVE to manage our virtual assistants.

1. TeamworkPM

TeamworkPM is a very useful online management tool that allows the client to see an overview of all its projects in the dashboard. Thus, you will also see any progress that your staff is doing on a specific project. It can be integrated with the Google calendar as well as your email reminders. It is also very easy to use. One feature of this tool is the permissions options. You, as a client, can customize what each member of the team can see or edit. You can have total control over what you want them to see and keep the most confidential parts for yourself, and/or keep those that the other team or other staff is working on for their eyes and yours only.

2. Trello

Trello is a very inviting tool to use. With its UI, it gives an appeal to users that it can easily be used. And, it’s free. It can be used for simple tasks in the house, scheduling of either serious work or meet ups with friends, and accessing your files as you can attach any file that you have to a card that you have created. It uses boards and cards and for someone visual, it will really be an effective tool to use. Cards can be created with a checklist and you can cross out the ones that you have already accomplished in the checklist and it gives you a report on every detail that you do in the card. According to the maker of this software, Joel Spolsky, Trello is made horizontally so that people from all walks of life can actually use it. Any member of the team can be invited in a specific task written on a card in Trello. For a manager, it will be easier to assign tasks and for a staff, it will be easier to follow the assigned tasks.

3. Pivotal Tracker

This is an agile yet easy to use project management tool that helps track and manage projects. Its main dashboard has different panels: Done, Current, Backlog, Icebox, Epics and a lot more, depending on what panel you choose to appear in your dashboard. The interface is simple, clean and convenient.This tool allows all the team members to view the projects and the updates made to it real time. To add a task for a project, you need to add a story. Each story has its own velocity so that when you have finished a task and deliver the story to the requester and he accepts it, the story will automatically be removed from the Current panel and moved to the Done panel. You can close the Done panel and just open it again when you want to view the past tasks that you have done for that project. It looks really professional and yet very easy to use. And, an added bonus to this tool is that you can generate an excel report from it.

VAs can be trusted and can give you just the expected output that you want and more. With these tools that can help you, as a client, to track how they are working on a project, you will have more easiness and control over your staff even if you don’t see them at all.

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