The Next Big Thing: Instagram Hyperlapse

There is another set of game changers. Instagram’s highlights their latest addition– the Instagram Hyperlapse. With more people using mobile to do almost anything, including videos, it’s only a matter of time until these companies have come up with a solution to clearer and better video qualities. The next wave of apps is gearing towards mobile videography.

Instagram’s success on mobile photography has been a celebrated for some time now. From selfies to foodies, Instagram is the place to keep followers posted. Now, they are enabling mobile users to take full advantage of creating videos using smartphones and editing them on the go. Hyperlapse’s may have come close to the launch of Bolt– but with more features.

This app is due for release today and offers this for iPhone users at the moment. This is a must-have app for those who wanted to take simple videos to get professional looking ones without shelling out $15,000 for the equipment alone. All functions are user-friendly and delivers quality videos. Compared to other apps out in the market such as Adobe’s Warp Stabilizer, Hyperlapse surprisingly made a better video output.

Video Source: Instagram Blog

You might be wondering what a ‘time-lapse’ is. It’s a photography method where your photos’ frequency is captured at a much lower time than the time needed to have your footage recorded. So when you’re taking a video of places like riding a plane or walking in a busy street, the time-lapse version would make it seem to move at a hyper-fast speed. Thus, Hyperlapse was made.

Using only the iPhone’s built-in sensors, Instagram’s Hyperlapse makes use of the movement data coming off these gyroscopes. Mimicking the effect of using expensive motion stabilization software used in film studios. But with Hyperlapse, it only uses a fraction of the processor power to have it done.

You don’t have to own an Instagram account to get this app. You can just download it from the App Store. The only thing you can change about your videos is the speed of playback. Use the slider to change speeds from 1X to 12 X.

With its unique concept and apparently user-friendly applications, Instagram’s Hyperlapse may be one of the pioneers for this technology. For the GoPro and Google Glass users, mobile videography has just taken a giant leap for the next best thing!

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