The Misconceptions of Working as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant services have been one of the most popular services offered by the BPO companies in the Philippines.

In fact, the industry has been dramatically booming for the past five years. Despite this fact, a lot of people still get confused faces every time they hear someone saying that he or she works as a virtual assistant (VA).



Common misconceptions of working as a VA.

People think that being a VA requires you to have exemplary skills on a computer. Wrong. One just needs to know how to use the computer and have the willingness to learn new things and acquire new skills in order to become a VA. You don’t need to have a master’s degree nor a PhD to be a virtual assistant, just have the right attitude and you’ll be all set.

Another misconception about VAs is that their jobs are only limited to administrative or secretarial tasks or, worse, computer programming or software development. Actually, there are two types of VAs – a generalist and a specialist.

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General VAs are the ones who handle administrative tasks such as encoding data, creating documents and presentations, setting appointments, and other stuff that a usual secretary would do. Specialist VAs on the other hand are the ones who handle a particular task such as website management, bookkeeping, graphic designing, and other tasks that requires a specific skill.

VAs work from home thus they can just work anytime they want. Unfortunately, this is not really the case. Not all VAs work from home. There are some who work in the office. These VAs are hired by company that offers virtual assistance. Aside from that, most VAs prefer working according to their client’s time zone so that they can immediately communicate with their clients to avoid miscommunication.

The future of the virtual assistance industry.

These are just few of the misconceptions on VAs and there are still many on the list. Regardless of that, the industry is getting better year by year as the demand keeps on increasing. In fact, BPO companies in the Philippines have recognized virtual assistance services as one of the key players in the massive growth of their industry.






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