The Hidden Power Behind Every Marketing Campaign

For you, what’s the most important part of an effective marketing campaign? Depending on your priorities and background, you may have various different answers to this question. But think of it this way. From a consumer perspective, what’s the first thing that you notice about a marketing campaign?

Design is the hidden power behind every marketing campaign. Humans are mainly visual beings, that’s for sure. Our attention is often caught by pretty things. However, design is not only about aesthetic. It communicates and emphasizes a campaign message while also strengthening your brand.

Design can draw the line between a conversion and an exit as soon as they reach your landing page. Good design in marketing helps boost the chances of people clicking on your ad or downloading your lead magnet.

It evokes emotion, influences action, and gives direction to the person on the receiving end.

Simply, the function of design in marketing is as follows:

  • Tell your brand’s story
  • Drive conversions
  • Support your campaign towards a goal
  • Help people understand your key message
  • Build credibility
  • Direct the audience’s eye

Designing for results

Every marketing campaign has its target results. Every campaign also had an end user in mind. You need to design the collaterals of your campaign, along with every component of it, while thinking of what would work best for them.

It would be helpful if you have a customer avatar or a mental profile of who your ideal customer is. Through this, you’d know what would appeal to them the most while staying on-brand. Remember: good design in marketing is inclusive. Digital marketing campaigns are very specific when targeting. You also need to cater to your target market’s specific taste when you design.

Finally, when designing, you also need to consider the proper ratio between text and image. Social media platforms like Facebook have a certain standard on what they would consider a “boostable” post, and working around this limit can bring out your creativity.

If you want to see what good design can do for your marketing, talk to us! Let’s go over what would work best for your next campaign.

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