The Convo with Tom and Kat: When’s A Good Time To Revamp Your Site?

Your website is like your space in the mall, so you have to pay attention to the tiniest detail out there. There’s a number of different reasons why companies choose to
rebrand or revamp their website. Carve is one of those companies that are going through that. I’m just going to leave
it out there that giving your website a whole new look and identity isn’t really easy, but it’s something necessary. Join us as we go through a run down of Carve’s website and our thoughts about it.


0:10 Introducing our host and guest.
0:30 Kat runs a group called Altr now called “Unit Y”.
0:34 Unit Y runs a company that does design and branding.
1:02 Topic for today’s episode.
1:25 The Carve website is rebranding.
3:35 This is the homepage for Carve’s website.
4:03 The background is The Wall of Fame.
4:12 What is the Wall of Fame all about?
5:15 The Wall of Fame is composed of stories from different people.
5:40 Using something that only Internal people understand isn’t favorable to put in the website.
6:11 Your design should convey the message you want to your customer.
6:40 Explaining the tag “Take your life back, we can help.”
8:53 Checking out the Services Page of the website.
9:35 We call ourselves virtual managers instead of virtual assistants.
10:22 Book a call to talk or request for a proposal section.
10:55 Let’s take a look at person behind the camera, Rodge.
11:23 Video that showcases Carve’s culture.
12:51 Checking out the Testimonials page.
13:12 Some of the websites that Carve has built.
13:40 Some of the stuff Carve has designed.
14:03 Main issue in our website.
14:16 We want our visitors to understand who we are in just a click.

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