The Convo with Todd Lay: Run Your Business By The Numbers

We’re excited to announce to you that, Todd Lay, is our guest for this episode of The Convo. Todd came all the way from California just to meet his virtual team here in the Philippines, some of which in Davao. Todd runs the show in Simplebackoffice, allowing businessowners to drive their business with data. Don’t miss out on the valuable content that Simplebackoffice provides to small to medium enterprises.


0:33 Todd Lay, a father of three and has been running

simplebackoffice for a decade.

1:08 Todd Lay’s flight from Cali to Davao City.

1:50 Todd came to the Philippines to meet up with his Virtual Team

2:18 What is simplebackoffice’s history?

2:32 Simplebackoffice started by providing smallbusinessowners with phone calls and admin support.

2:58 After a few years, simplebackoffice got a rebrand and a change in niche.

3:14 Outsourced Bookkeeping as an outsource component for clients.

4:09 A lot of simplebackoffice’s clients are now 100% digital.

4:50 Simplebackoffice now uses a new technology that makes it easy and efficient when communicating with clients.

5:39 Technologies are real accelerator for Simplebackoffice and other businesses.

5:57 Do Simplebackoffice get questions regarding their services being 100% digital?

7:00 Simplebackoffice design a structured environment that provides real data that they can use to manage their business.

8:14 Simplebackoffice allows business owners to drive their business with data.

10:08 Todd’s tip for business owners.

11:08 You’re not gonna truly know your business if you don’t know your numbers.

11:50 A 6-month trial on autokept feature.

12:26 Review your financials on a regular basis.

12:55 How are you going to compensate yourself?

13:17 Define your budget.

14:26 Real wealth is not about money, it’s about not having to worry.

16:26 Todd’s plug

16:35 Access to the free app —

16:53 Schedule a time with Todd —

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