The Convo with Tobi Ang: Turning Your Job to Joy

Welcome back to The Convo! We’ve got Angcore’s CEO, Tobi, to get you informed on how to run a business the right way. We also talk about our passion for the city, and giving back the love to Davao. So hop on right in The Convo, cause there’s real value in the words of Tobi.


0:30 Introduction to Tobi Ang

1:00 What makes Tobi a proud Davaoeño?

2:00 Talking about Davao

3:20 What is Angcore?

4:45 Tobi’s story with Angcore

5:38 A day in the life of Tobi

6:52 The most exciting thing about Tobi’s job.

8:13 One thing that Tobi enjoys is working with his people.

8:32 Every individual is different.

9:43 One important tip when running a business.

11:00 Invest in people.

11:40 For Startups, you need to wear multiple hats.

11:54 Never hesitate the opportunity to hire your weakness.

12:42 Find joy in what you’re doing.

14:33 Things don’t always go your way, but you should still find joy where you’re doing.

16:00 The brands of Angcore.

16:21 What Angcore offers.

16:42 Angcore is need-based in terms of selling.

17:50 Angcore’s Location – Km. 7 J.P. Laurel Ave. Lanang (Beside Grand Regal Hotel)

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