The Convo with SJ: Keeping Things Simple and Clean

SJ’s fairly new here in Carve, but let me say she’s one of the best ones we have here. Like what she said in the video, she’s got a lot of learning to do, but I don’t want to discount the fact that her willingness to learn is what keeps her in our epic list.

0:10 Introducing our Host and Guest for the Night
0:20 How was SJ’s holidays?
0:50 What food did SJ miss during the holidays?
1:20 SJ is fairly new in Carve
1:47 SJ’s experience in her first quarter in Carve.
2:00 How SJ got into virtual assistance.
2:30 Shout out to AJ Mirzhad
2:45 How does SJ connect with AJ?
3:27 SJ describes her first quarter in Carve in one word.
4:00 One experience that got SJ pulling her hair out.
5:13 Stop Overcomplicating things.
6:00 Maintain a clear line of communication and keep things simple.
6:35 Tips on overcoming difference in timezones.
7:36 Always double-check
8:06 Is SJ happy in Carve?
8:56 What are SJ’s plans for 2017?
9:34 SJ is going through a bunch of workshops to help her improve more.
10:00 SJ’s new year resolution
10:55 What’s unique about SJ?
11:09 SJ is pretty creative.
12:27 SJ’s advice to those aspiring VAs.
12:48 Jaye’s advice to those aspiring VAs

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