The Convo with Marcus Bird: Top Things You Need Before Getting Online


0:25 Introducing Marcus Bird.

2:30 Something quirky Marcus Bird.

2:41 Marcus loves landscape photography.

4:00 What is WellnessLeadershipAcademy about?

5:37 What does “getting your wellness leadership online” entail?

7:50 For how long have Marcus been doing what he’s doing now?

8:50 Top things you need when you’re setting your business online.

10:10 A clear niche translates to a clear message. Figure out how to talk to them.

10:48 Keep trying.

16:10 You don’t know who you are, you don’t your niche, so your message is for no one.

17:00 Get help.

18:30 Marcus Bird’s shameless plug.

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