The Convo with Mac Rundle: Social Media Breakthrough

In Today’s episode of The Convo, we got Mac Rundle, a wellness and breakthrough coach. Mac has been using Facebook and Instagram as his main platform for spreading the word out. As we all know, Social Media is a very strong (and getting stronger everyday) tool for marketing the product or service that you provide. As a person who don’t really use social media that much, what drove Mac to use it and make it the main platform for marketing?

Mac Rundle is a passionate and driven entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of people move past blocks in life that limit you from reaching your full potential.
Mac helps you to go within to find the root cause and the emotional triggers that show up as ‘problems’ in your life, so that you can overcome and create your own happiness and freedom.


0:30 Introducing Mac Rundle

1:50 Something quirky about Mac Rundle

2:10 During his younger years, Mac would play monopoly by himself.

2:25 Playing monopoly grew Mac’s fascination for money, real estate and wealth.

3:30 Tom’s fair share of playing multi-player games alone.

4:00 What Mac does and his evolution during the years.

4:20 A master of biohacking the body and mind for optimal performance.

4:37 Find the confidence that’s missing.

4:54 Mac helps people connect their head to their heart.

5:12 Stay in your head; you’re dead.

6:02 Mac Rundle wanted to be a fireman when he was younger.

6:55 Mac’s personal experience connecting his head to his heart.

7:18 Through self-discovery, he impacted the lives of more people.

8:10 The food you eat also helps you reach specific goals.

8:30 When is the best time to drink coffee?

8:47 When’s the best time to do certain activities to get the best out of yourself.

9:02 Mac also helps people who undergo depression and other mental disorders.

11:01 Is social media part of Mac’s strategy?

11:45 One of the reasons why Mac started FB Live

14:05 How does Mac see himself progress his business through social media?

14:57 Instagram is about to have it’s IG Live.

16:08 Keone Chong’s advice to people who doesn’t have any digital presence.

19:05 Mac Rundle’s shameless plug

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