The Convo with Laurence Tham: Reaching the Global Audience

Success stories are poppin’ out on every side of the digital world. The Internet indeed has brought out the genius in a lot of people. Join us as we are about to find out the secret sauce in succeeding in the digital age.


0:00 Introduction to Laurence Tham

1:35 What is the Wall of Greatness?

3:50 Surround yourself with greatness.

4:32 The beautiful part of the Digital World.

5:43 Does Laurence find a lot of people who are challenged with the thought of bringing the business in the Digital World.

6:53 It is possible, but we don’t just like change.

7:53 There’s no borders in the Digital World.

8:45 The Internet has allowed us to become the genius we were meant to be.

10:52 Laurence Tham’s latest blog post — Julios Yego

11:20 How to Javelin in Youtube

12:05 What’s your excuse?

12:32 In business, there’s always marketing, sales & delivery.

13:20 Hire the right people who are genius at    what you don’t do very well.

15:00 Finding the best talent.

15:51 The Digital World expands the reach of your business.

19:58 One thing that Lawrence wants to say to businesses who don’t have anything digital at the moment.

20:23 If you don’t start, you are gonna be that much further behind for every second that goes by.

23:25 If you wanna check out the stuff Laurence has done, go to for his main website for his business. And if you want to check out his podcast.

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