The Convo with Josh Hernandez: Bringing Civet Coffee into The Digital Realm

Kafe Balos Project is a family owned and operated company with a passion both for business and nurturing nature. Kafe Balos Project practices Fair Trade with all of the local farmers.

0:11 Introducing the Coffee Master, Josh Hernandez of Kafe Balos.
0:38 One secret about how latinos make themselves sexy
1:27 Where does Kafe Balos produce their beans?
1:40 Kafe Balos beans’ are home-grown.
1:51 What is Carve, The Convo?
2:00 Summary of Kafe Balos.
2:44 Bring it Online to tap into the export market.
3:00 What is Balos, the Civet Coffee?
4:11 Is Kafe Balos’ Civet Coffee Affordable and good?
5:20 The Branding of Kafe Balos
5:50 The Story Behind the Coffee
6:37 Helping Communities and Providing High- Quality Coffee
8:53 Top 3 Weirdest Visayan Words that Cafe Balos now knows.
9:33 Ambot sa Imo
11:34 One tip from Josh if you’re planning to start a business
11:53 Go with something you love and enjoy
12:49 Kafe Balos’ Plug

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