The Convo with Jonny Baird: Get Your Business Found Online


0:19 Introducing Jonny Baird

1:34 Something quirky about Jony

1:44 John does surfboarding

2:02 Tom’s experience of surfing in Sydney

2:41 How did Jonny start off?

4:11 Jonny’s previous job.

7:30 An experience that helped Jonny Baird grow in the business.

9:15 Life’s more fun if you help make other peoples lives better.

9:30 How Jonny got the idea for Breakawave.

11:05 Breakawave is a platform to get anything you need.

12:45 Help each other.

13:25 Breakawave helps businesses.

13:59 Your business can easily be found on Breakawave.

15:58 Where do you start? What do you need to be able to do so?

16:25 Find something you’re passionate about.

16:39 Observing trends and psychology.

16:53  Something that makes people lives better.

18:16 Just do it.

18:30 Don’t overthink.

19:11 Part of the challenge of doing something digital is being found.

19:23 Breakawave helps people getting found.

19:33 How should an entrepreneur go about being found online?

19:55 Go and help somebody and add some value and have them tell a couple of people.

20:25 What Jonny loves about being in Sales.

21:27 Working with people that know people.

21:45 Find your best customers and let them talk about you.

22:08 What you need is people who believe in you.

22:20 Word of mouth is the best way to market.

22:30 Look for somebody to add value to.

25:30 One Scenario of the power of word of mouth.

26:11 Your closest customers should feel involved in your business’ growth.

27:25 Jonny’s shameless plug.

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