The Convo with John of Ingenuity: The Passion of Building Something From Nothing

0:08 Introduction to The Brain Behind Ingenuity
0:53 What John Naranjo
1:53 What’s the strangest app idea you’ve ever thought of?
3:12 What do you think about the abundance of apps everywhere?
5:15 Programmers are engineers
7:20 It starts with a passion
8:05 The Neptur that almost happened.
8:30 What is your favorite analog game?
9:38 The new game developed by Ingenuity
9:48 Tamagogo
10:31 Inspiration behind Tamagogo
12:06 Tech Fridays —Tech and Life
14:45 A Tip from John on how to succeed in the digital space
15:00 Look for people who are the right fit
15:20 Passion
17:39 Why?
18:25 John’s plug
Ingenuity – developing web and mobile applications
Hackademy – academy for programming
CloudSuite – One integrated suite of business applications (automate your business)

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