The Convo with Jad de Peralta : World-Class Design and Social Media Marketing

If you love beautiful clothing and supporting local businesses, then Davao City will not disappoint. It’s quite cool to see a number of local clothings pop up left, right and center. Parallel is relatively one of the newest kids on the block, but better watch out, cause they’ve got world-class designs and social media marketing to back it up.

0:38 The Founder of Parallel

1:21 Why did Jad start Parallel?

1:43 A different standard when it comes to clothing.

1:55 Parallel is a higher class of streetwear that is locally made.

2:06 Jad envisions uniting different cultures in terms of clothing.

3:55 How do Parallel move it’s product?

4:11 Parellel uses Social Media to market it’s products.

5:30 How well did Social Media Marketing do for Parallel?

7:42 Whatever your product is, facebook and instagram is a necessity nowadays.

8:00 How can you reach Jad and Parallel?

Reach Jad De Peralta and Parallel here:



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