The Convo with Carmina: The Many Hats of The Crazy Cook


0:09 Revealing “The Crazy Cook”

0:58 The Story Behind The Crazy Cook

1:39 One thing The Crazy Cook provides on the table.

2:13 The Gourmet Collective Event

3:30 The Yummy Tuna Cilantro Salad

4:17 3 Meals Carmina would eat before the end of the world.

5:30 The Origin of Balbacua

6:05 The Crazy Cook’s version of Balbacua

6:45 Second Meal

7:35 Final Meal

8:48 The Crazy Cook has been in business for 8 years now

9:06 The Evolution of The Crazy Cook in the digital realm

10:05 Don’t be afraid and discouraged

11:10 Uniqueness and Beyond Taste

11:40 In the Food Business, you can’t rely on the sense of taste and smell on Social Media,so you have to make up for it on other things.

12:10 Smell What the Crazy Cook made today

13:30 Tom having a taste of the famous Green Curry Meatballs made by The Crazy Cook herself.

13:57 Tips from Carmina for anyone who wants to be a food entrepreneur or any kind of                     entrepreneur.

14:45 Don’t be afraid to do the little jobs.

15:00 You need to wear different hats.

15:29 You don’t only need skill, but also the “B-word”

16:00 Willing to sacrifice weekends and holidays.

16:13 Learning

16:30 Adapt to the Current Market.

16:37 Attack it with flare!

17:00 How you can connect with Carmina

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