The Convo with Bill Kerr: The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

0:25 Introduction to Bill Kerr

1:47 What is Bill’s favorite app?

2:51 A little peek to a normal day in Bill’s life

3:51 One podcast loves to listen to

4:11 What is Adventure Fit and Adventure Fit Radio

5:25 How Adventure Fit Radio started

6:41 How to listen to Adventure Fit Radio


7:05 IG & twitter & FB adventurefittravel and adventurefit radio

7:45 Bill Kerr’s adventure @ Gili Islands

9:15 Diff between AdventureFitTravel and the typical brick-and-mortar business

10:45 Bill Kerr can bring his office anywhere in the world

11:30 The new rich or the modern wealth

13:07 Two life lessons from Ray Dalio

13:47 Bill’s advice to people who to live a Digital Nomad lifestyle

14:12 Take the plunge

14:35 Read articles and learn from Digital Nomads

15:16 Surround yourself with the right people

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