The Convo with Better Components: Engineering Sound to Get Your Point Across

Welcome back to the Convo! We’ve got Homer Sajonia today, owner of Better Components. If you’ve got any concerns or problems with anything sound, or if you just want to get your point across to your audience clearly, Better Components is your best bet. Join us today, as we talk about the success of their company and how it came about.

0:10 Our special guest for the day!
0:30 Who is Homer Sajonia?
1:34 Better Components
1:55 Better Components Founding year
2:00 Better Components specializes in Sound System
2:25 What is the secret sauce to the success of Better Components
2:39 Better Components started as a hobby.
3:30 What is Homer’s vision for Better Components
4:26 Connect with Better Components
5:35 Better Components’ Email address:
5:55 Advice from Homer Sajonia to people running businesses or pursuing passions.
6:33 You must have a clear vision.

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