The Convo with Ben Burns – The Value of Working With An Agency

0:22 Introducing Ben Burns

0:42 Ben is the Founder of Burnt Creative

1:37 Something quirky about Ben Burns

1:49 Ben was a police officer for 4 years

3:00 History of Burnt Creative

3:45 Ben worked for 3 years as a graphic designer.

4:45 Ben was freelancing while being a cop.

7:45 Convincing people that they need digital presence, design and branding.

9:03 Work with people who understands the value of what they’re paying for.

11:22 Ben Burns’ perspective of people who understand the value of digital presence.

13:00 Education should come way before the sale.

15:28 Difference in dealing with people who understand the value of the digital arena and those who don’t.

16:49 Replace paper with conversations.

19:41 Identify the decision makers during the sales cycle.

21:25 You heard it here, folks. Watch out for another episode with Ben Burns.

21:48 One thing Ben would say to change up the minds of or convince a group of business people.

22:25 Telling people to share a success story.

22:40 Speak their language — numbers.

22:50 How Burnt Creative helped Beauty by Earth.

26:05 Ben Burns’ plug

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