The Convo with Addy and Roy: Planting Seeds in Social Media

Although social media is relatively recent, we can all agree that it is here to stay, and it has turned itself into a vital part of Customer Service and Marketing. With close to 1.4 billion active daily Facebook users and 645 million registered twitter profiles, not to mention Instagram, LinkedIn and a host of other social media platforms, it has become imperative for brands & companies to have a flexible and interactive social media presence.


0:15 Something about Roy and what he does.
0:30 Not every business is in social media yet
0:42 Why is it important to have social media presence?
0:58 You get to tell people who you are.
1:27 Social Media Marketing is cheaper and has a wider reach.
1:42 As a business, you want to showcase the culture, food and more in social media.
2:10 The three things a business needs in the digital space.
2:25 What is the effect if you have these?
2:40 Social media presence puts your foot on the door.
2:50 Having a website gives them an avenue to get to know your business more.
3:07 Newsletter provide them updates about your business.
3:50 You need to take care, engage and interact with your customers.
4:00 How to start a buzz in social media?
4:19 Come up with a content calendar to organize everything.
5:30 Know your market.
6:20 What is the effect of having a variety of posts?
6:47 An authority in your industry.
7:17 Put out banked contents found online that help your business.
8:39 Tips from Roy for businesses to start a community in social media.
8:56 Maintain consistency and frequency.
10:20 Continue planting seeds.
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