The biggest challenge Colin Boyd experienced when leveraging through his online presence

“It’s actually just about serving people, and if you can do everything you can. You don’t have to be perfect you just do as much as you can at the level that you’ve got and serve people as best as you can. And then it just evolves as it goes. I’m honestly thinking about the people who would be doing this course and why. Because if I’m talking to them live. And so I have like a sense of feeling and energy around that that I want to contribute.” – Colin Boyd

00:35 – Tom introduces Colin Boyd.
01:30 – Colin shares quirky things about him.
03:07 – How Colin entered the digital space
04:00 – How he made money online
04:40 – The biggest challenge he experienced online
08:08 – Leveraging online presence.
13:35 – The missing piece of online courses.
16:27 – Note of encouragement from Colin.
19:18 – Colin’s mindset.

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