The Best Way To Close That Distance Between You And Your VA

A virtual assistant is an individual who handles a variety of tasks on behalf of your small business without ever stepping foot into your small business’s offices or location. Virtual assistants are not robots or high-tech computer software. They are real people with real, professional skills.

The only real threat people have when talking about having a virtual assistant is communication. You feel like your VA will slack off or just do other stuff if you don’t have him/her by your side. Well, the best way to go about it is to have regular Skype calls with your VA. Having Skype calls with your VA will make you feel more secure with your VA.

Keep the lines of communication open at all times with your virtual assistant. Don’t forget about things like time zone differences or even cultural gaps and misunderstandings. Your virtual assistant needs to feel free to contact you at any time with regard to a question about tasks and responsibilities. It’s also your job to give feedback after a task has been completed. Remember that positive feedback can be just as beneficial as negative feedback.

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