The Advantages of having a Fast Computer and a High Speed Internet Connection

Don’t you just love to work continually with your fast computer plus a high speed internet connection? I mean, it would excite you to finish your reports, powerpoints, videos and content writing, even if you just have a short span of time to finish your task for your client, it would just be an easy-breezy thing to do.

Accomplishing task would make you feel good. Productive for sure and happy!

Yes, it motivates you to finish your tasks even the back end jobs last month that you forgot to do or even finishing your tasks for the next few months!

So now, I’m sharing you the list of the Advantages of having a Fast Computer and a High Speed Internet Connection.

First, Increase in Productivity

Not having hiccups in your internet connection would mean continuous progress in your work .It won’t just make you have the sense of completion, but also your client would definitely adore your job well done.

Second, Fixed Priorities

Yes, Fixed Priorities! Why? There’s no reason for you to stop doing your priorities with a fast computer and a high speed connection? The sky’s the limit! More tasks and projects would be finished ,and plus more sales because you finished your tasks on time.

And Last but not the least, No wasted time and money

Due to the good connection you have, you finish more tasks, meaning more projects to finish.Clients are happy and satisfied because tasks are finish on time thus, sales are going up the ladder! You sure should be happy, Kudos to you!

You should be thankful for the fast computer and a high speed Internet connection. Because most people suffer the opposite of it. Check this out!

Don’t you just hate when your computer is as slow as a snail and your connection keeps on cutting off. When you’re doing reports, powerpoints, videos and content writing for your client and the urgency is intense that you have to finish it within a short span of time and your client is getting furious for the delays.

How do you feel?

Frustrated? Pressured? Exhausted? Angry and Hungry?

Yes, I feel you and so are the people who are struggling with this almost everyday at work or even at home.

So now, I’m giving you a list of the disadvantages of having a slow pc and connection:

First, It cuts off productivity.

It sure does, Right? You can’t finish your task on time with a struggling computer and an indefinite connection. It would drain your productivity level and would leave you on a slow pace.

Second, Shifted Priorities

Instead of, finishing a specific task that is almost on due, you have to find ways first to make your computer to work plus an Internet connection to do your tasks. Too much hassle and more reason for you to be pressured and stressed.

Third, Wasted Time and Money

You could’ve finished the projects that your client gave you, could’ve gotten a kudos for it yet, due to the unforeseen technical problems, you lost more time to do your task and wasted money for the projects that you handle.

Setbacks usually happens and it sure does happen in the most important time that we should accomplish things. Yet, how do you handle yourself during the bumpy roads? Do you go with it and just use it as an excuse to stop working?  Or are you that person who innovates possible ways to accomplish your given task? Do you handle it with the right attitude? Or do you let your emotions rule you and stop you?

At the end of the day , what matters most is how you handle yourself on those setbacks. How many times you fell down ,yet  manage to stand up. So, are you suffering from you slow pc and internet connection? If yes, then do something else that might not include your pc and the connection. If no, then you sure are one lucky person!

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