Melbourne based Agency that has world class work and standards.


Who is Taylor and Grace?

Is a boutique brand agency that offers a personal, immersive and strategy-led approach to creating brands that move people. Brands that forge an emotional connection. Brands that people believe in. Brands that compel them to act.


Say Hello to Craig

β€’ Director
β€’ Strategist
β€’ Floral Shirt rocker πŸ‘•
β€’ World Builder 🌎

What Have We Been
Doing with Taylor & Grace?


β€’ Met Craig back in 2021
β€’ Started with an animated video job
β€’ Then more videos
β€’ Documents
β€’ Landing pages and website in 2022 β€’ Now we are creating a lot more cool stuff this year!


Taylor and Grace has mastered how to make their collaborators work easy and well guided.

We always receive a full and comprehensive brief that leaves nothing to question.

Easy communication and amazing tag team work with Craig and Simon!


Taylor and Grace's extensive experience and reputation in Australia for Branding and Building worlds for the businesses they work with has influenced how we see things in marketing a
whole lot.

The way they treat branding and the way they manage their projects is one of the most creative and dynamic environments we have been in.


Here are a couple of things we have done with them​

β€’ Documents
β€’ Videos
β€’ Pages
β€’ Sites

Either way, it allows both of our teams to see the gaps and the solutions -- then were off to the races.