Take Your Transcriptions to The Next Level in Easy 4 Steps

You’ve heard the story one too many times… People just hate doing transcriptions. And I do understand the sentiment, but it can be fun and easy, too. You’ve just got to find your groove and the right way of approaching the job. Initially, you’ll probably be having a hard time doing it, since you have to get used to the speed and accent of the speaker, but hang on cause you’ll catch up soon enough.

Here’s four tips to get transcriptions right.

1. Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is key to a successful transcription, so press that rewind button just to make sure you got it correct.

2. Use Quality Headphones

There’s just some headphones that make the sound of the audio more clear and audible. Try to get your hands on some of those if you’re looking to go serious into transcribing.

3. A Distraction-free Environment

Sometimes, the problem isn’t just in the audio but in the area you’re in. Try getting yourself into a place where there’s almost zero noise, so your ears and brain can concentrate on the task at hand. The fewer distractions around you, the more attention you can pay to the complex language you’re transcribing

4. Check your work

Even the best transcriptionist is likely to miss a few details from an academic or scientific lecture, especially if it’s in an expert discipline. You have to catch these mistakes before the work goes back to the client. Replay any section you had trouble with, even if you’re sure you got everything, to catch the single-word details you might have missed the first time.

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