Surface Studio: Microsoft’s First All-in-one Desktop

Microsoft held its annual Windows event in New York City last October 26, 2016, where it unveils its advanced technologies. Microsoft Corporate VP of Devices, Panos Panay, presented a 12.5mm Surface Studio, an All-in-One with touch desktop PC — thinnest desktop monitor with no back bulge.



There’s nothing more important to an artist than having the right and excellent tool. With its sleek design and sturdy built, creative professionals are inevitably drawn to it by empowering their new wave of creativity. Here are some of the features that make Surface Studio the right device for creative process:

Surface Dial


This is a new tool wherein graphic artists can directly interact with the technology starting from ideation to creation. It contains all the usage of the physical tools in the digital world. It gives you quick access to the brush settings making changes on your work more fluid, especially with color adjustments. You can rotate or scale your canvas to achieve a finer level of control. Surface Dial makes it easier and faster to do things the way you want it thru storing and customizing your radial menu tools. It makes your transition seamlessly thru your tasks while supporting your workflow. You can also simplify actionPartners with PenUse directly on the screen.

Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

With a job driven by technology, it’s inevitable to have computer-induced medical problems. Surface Studio offers a Surface Ergonomic Keyboard that helps reduce computer-related repetitive stress injuries. Its engineering design lets you experience productivity with advanced comfort. It has unique palm rest and arched shaped structure to protect you from hand and wrist strain while improving your typing form.

Surface Mouse

Just like all other desktop PCs, it comes with a Surface Mouse. It is perfectly designed to fit the shape of your hand. Surface Mouse features premium precision pointing for exceptional accuracy.

With the launched of Surface Pro, most tech geek consumers looking for a new device can’t help but compare it to Apple’s Imac. Some say that Apple’s innovative strategy is fading and Microsoft is on the verge of dominating the market.

With a price of $2,999.00, it certainly is not for everybody. But if you’re serious about getting a high-end device that’s suitable for you, then Surface Studio is perfect.

Surface Studio tech specs

Take a look at this table for all the tech specs. Everything you need to know about unleashing the creative power of Surface Studio can be found right here:

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