Stop the Hate

Stop the hate on email.
It has been getting a lot of negative press lately. You would have probably heard that it’s…

All it does is sit on the couch all day and eat pizza

Ok so maybe the last one is made up.

But truthfully Email seems outdated but the fact
that it was around even before the internet was
invented should be proof enough that it is one of
the most effective communication tools.

Paradigm shift:
Marketing is communication.

Email is communication.

A personal and intimate piece of communication.

What we do for clients is to manage their CRMs, migrate,
maintain, clean, and create. Creating sequences, funnels
and campaigns.

And we know a couple of truths about how to email:

1. Be authentic
2. Tell a story
3. Don’t jump the gun on selling
4. Your goal is to first get their eyes, then their ears then their hearts
5. Use it to nurture not just to capture

And all five of these things are just a fee if the
principles we have seen happen and create
success for the people that deploy them.

We would love to take this to the next level by
adding you on linkedin and inviting you to a
skype call if you are interested or if you feel like
we can help you.

Talk to you soon.

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