Steve Salvia’s Conversion Conversion Blueprint

Mostly in businesses, you could get hooked with anyone who seems interested with your services. I mean that’s really good that you have prospects, but you gotta be careful. They might get you caught up with their tasks (projects, consideration, strategies) and they all want this for free. It so troublesome that it drains you, it costs you tons of time and all of the sudden, they just drop it off.  


As what Steve Salvia said in his free section in his Conversion Conversion Blueprint,


You end up giving heaps of information, but there is NO transformation and that’s not good for everyone.”


That is why, you need a client engagement process which is the Conversion Blueprint.

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In the Nine Box Conversion Blueprint by Steve Salvia,  Here are the 3 essential pieces:


First, Lead the client.


It is essential to build rapport with your client, prepare the agenda and set the expectations. Starting with this makes them excited for more, since you have given them something to hold on to and that’s what the clients want. What they will benefit out of it.


Second, Stretch the Distance between their Results and their Reality (Gap)


During this part, you have to let your prospects tell you what they most desperately want. Uncover their visions, dreams, motivations, aspirations, focus and wishes that works well.  With this, you’ll dominate the game.


It says in his book, “Teach them what to want.”


To Let them know that what they want is ‘doable’ and let them face the reality.


Most of the people now have lost the sense of reality especially in their financial position.

So, you give them a sense of balance with what they are facing now. Let them articulate what really their situation is.


When you have done the earlier essential process, it wouldn’t be far to get this. This is the time you solve their problems.


Ask them, ” What do we need to fix first?”


They have to know that you are with them throughout the process.


Talk to them and let them list what’s slowing them down.


This is where you let your prospect know your value.


He said in his Lead Magnet:


“Goals are great, but the natural by-product of fixing problems after problems is that –  next thing your prospect knows- they have arrived. With your help. They see RESULTS. They feel TRANSFORMED.”


What’s your next step?


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