Startup Weekend Davao 2013 was a success!



The second Startup Weekend davao was a success! It was held last August 9 to August 11. During the first night of startup weekend, 14 ideas were pitched, people were selling their startup ideas and gathered a team who’d want to work with them.


Gladly, one of our own, Mr. Joel Dolores (the guy in the center), the Happiness Epictician of Carve, pitched an idea, the startup was called “Barter Hound”, wherein if you have stuff that you don’t need, you can barter them online for stuff that you want. The first page would look like this:

barter hound


Here are some snapshots taken during startup weekend. 









Thank you for all who participated during the event! Congratulations to all the winners, and to those who haven’t, it is still a gift that you were able to experience this one of a kind opportunity. We’re hopeful to see you next year!

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