#Salutare: Why This Second Year Anniversary is Promising

It’s another year to conquer and another set of challenges for Carvers. Last 13th of June, Carve celebrated its 2nd year anniversary in SEDA with approximately 90 people attending the event.

How the Concept Came About?

Carve never misses the chance to celebrate another year of faithfulness and fruitfulness.

This year, the event team consisted of Jaye Petalcorin and Roy Hernandez, both talented are the ones responsible for making the much awaited event happened.

The idea came early April and the events team got into working on the theme, number of people projected and the venue where the anniversary is going to be held. Angel Secuya, CARVE’s Director of Chaos, has already eyed SEDA as the venue for the said event. With such a short time to implement, how did the team managed to pull it off? SCRUM. 

Tom Secuya, Chief Imagination Officer, introduced this concept early June. But this was already in use during the implementation of this year’s anniversary.

With Angel and Tom Secuya dressed impeccably for the event.

With Angel and Tom Secuya dressed impeccably for the event.

Salutare 7

(from left to right) Jan Ocampo, PJ Kat Dolores, PJ Jaye Petalcorin and PJ Gene Guimte

SCRUMming the Event

The event was a 6 sprinter (with 2 weeks per sprint). The duration? It was a 6 weeks preparation in the making.

According to Roy Hernandez, head of the Pyro department, who focused on gathering resources and creating a rough draft for the event for the first 3 weeks. Details like booking the venue, meeting the organizer, setting expectations, program flow and conceptualizing the theme are just some of the items sprinted during this duration.

For the next three weeks, the team sprinted on the plans where most of the legwork is done. During these weeks, they were able to contact suppliers, arrange the program flow, send through the CGT theme, shooting videos and coordinating with the organizer and media team (Zion productions) for the program flow and purchase of merchandises such as trophies and awards.

Distinction from Yesteryear  

Many themes were considered for the event. Carve’s anniversary this year should be distinct from last year’s Great Gatsby. Fun ideas were raised and one incorporating Archie comics in the theme. Eventually, majority decided to go for formal masquerade theme.

Compared to last year’s concept, this year was all out formal. Everyone was dressed impeccably with guys wearing tuxedos and suit and women in long gowns. Salutare is all about dress to impress (and everyone was impressed indeed!).

Mascarade-themed tables

Mascarade-themed tables

Inside SEDA's ballroom waiting for the program to start

Inside SEDA’s ballroom waiting for the program to start

Why Salutare

Salutare is an Italian word that meant ‘to greet, say hello or goodbye to’. It’s a year for fresh beginnings, new challenges and a better Carve to emerge. As the team looked back on the people who came, who went away and who stayed, this year marked a different set of faces who will make a mark anywhere and everywhere they go.

Tom challenged the team to sail through yet another unchartered waters. Salutare is an undertone for “hello what lies ahead” and letting go of the old.

Salutare 3

Carve In-House

Salutare 6

Awesome NOD peepz

This year ended with another set of accomplishments and goals for Carve. It marked another opportunity for Carve to turn the tide around and move head-on for the next set challenges: the unknown. But it’s never a problem if faith is at work and making difference is still a full-time job.



And a couple of random awesome people in the group

And a couple of random awesome people in the group

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