5 Procrastinating Apps to Get Tasks Done in a Jiffy

If you’ve encountered tasks that seems like it has an ‘endless’ duration in it, you’re likely going to opt to set it aside. But what if you have an app that lets you procrastinate yet does a better job in letting you finish your tasks? Here are five apps that may help you out of this dilemma. 

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This app is designed for iPhone users who want ‘smart sorting’. It lets you sort emails efficiently in less time possible. By archiving these emails to be read now, later or on ‘snooze’, it lets you set aside reading them for later. It’s reading those long list of emails in the time you want. 

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Can’t keep up with the tasks on that list? Jiffy app simplifies it for you. It tracks the time for you if you don’t want to keep track of your tasks. This app helps you manage the time set for each tasks without you having to think about the timing. 

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For documents-on-the-go, you can opt for CloudOn to help you get through paperless tasks. This app lets you work with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint using your tablet or phone. You can also sync documents through any cloud storage, so storing these won’t be a problem for quick document fixes and presentations.

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Instead of having you doing social media marketing manually, Hootsuite lets you get the job done in as little time possible. It integrates to various social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yammer to name a few. Posts are scheduled according to your preference with the content already included in each post.  

Outsourcing, BPO in the Philippines, IT, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistance

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If you have an attention span of a poodle, Stopdistractions will let you finish work accordingly. It sets off a specific time span where you can work and let you browse the Net. Stopdistractions block sites whenever you attempt to browse your social media during work time. Just set the timer for work and free time and your workflow will be managed all throughout the day.  

There are no quick fixes. All of these cannot replace pure will power. Your first step will always be the decision to move from one step to the other. Even if it’s just one at a time.

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