Simon (or Si, for short) has been passionate about regional business for as long as he can remember. He has a deep admiration for the spirit of regional business owners, and their willingness to give it a go.

Si is a co-founder of The Regional Entrepreneur Academy, and brings a huge range of pratical and applicable knowledge to the table. Notably, five of Si’s clients have been nominated for the My Business Magazine Fastest Growing Business Award. Go forward, Si looks forward to continuing to support regional business owners unlock their potential and feel more peace in their marriages and family lives.


Facebook Marketing & Webinar Setup

The objective of the project was to setup a facebook campaign that could help increase the registrants of their webinar to increase their leads.


Creating a seamless marketing and lead generation funnel


Visits on the registration page.


People opted in the webinar.

1 Week

We created the parts of each campaign in one week before the launch.



Branding & Design

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