Planting Seeds of Happiness at Work

Stress is an unavoidable fact in life — and this usually happens at work. Deadlines come and haunt you; your tasks and responsibilities pile up in a flash, doubling or tripling without prior notice. If you’re not ready to face these challenges, you’ll end up in a state where work becomes ‘intolerable’.

If you feel that you’re reaching your “breaking point”, then it’s time to start planting the seeds of happiness.

Seed #1: Choose to Be Happy

Finding happiness is actually a choice. Yes, it may not be a simple thing to do, especially if you don’t really like your current job. However, you can choose to think about the positive things from work. May it be your generous boss, friendly co-workers, or the nice working environment. Practice focusing on the good things about your job, workplace and colleagues.

Seed #2: Find meaning in what you do

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Your current job may not mean much at the moment, but it’s contributing to the benefit of the company. Live and breathe that thought. No matter how big or small the action may be, it has a direct or indirect effect in the lives of many that you work with or the company deals with. Take note of how many people rely on you. In this way, you get a greater sense of how much your work is linked to others, and it will feel much more meaningful as a result.

Seed #3: Do Something You Love Every Single Day

Take a good look at yourself: Know your skills and interests, and find something that you love that you’d enjoy doing every day. Take some time to do the things you like every day and balance it with your current job. This takes out the monotony of your current job. Plan ahead and use your time well so that you can balance both.

Seed #4: Give time to pause or meditate

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Bombarded by tasks? Don’t hesitate to take a quick break. Drink your favorite beverage. Keep yourself calm and hydrated. Take your lunch outside and get some fresh air. The key point here is to allow your mind and body to relax and rest.

If you can’t leave your workspace, you can go to a corner and take some breather. Allow your mind to meditate or reflect on the day’s tasks or just let your mind wander until you get your full focus back.

Seed #5: More ‘Monotasking’, Less Multitasking

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Taking on too many tasks may leave you burnt out and ineffective at work. It’s a struggle to write an email, research for concepts for a different project and drafting a future blog post all at the same time. This could make you feel generally stressed and unhappy. Don’t push yourself too much and accomplish tasks according to your pace.

Seed #6: Be positive: Exercise Fun and Laughter in the Workspace

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It’s highly recommended to take a break from the monotonous flow of work. Avoid sickness and stress with laughter! Surround yourself with positive people until they rub their positivity on you. Inspire others at work to keep a positive working attitude despite difficulties. Make someone laugh or hang out with people who can give you a hearty laugh.

A friendly advice though — keep it in line! Do not try your funny antics on a person who is busy, pressed to meet deadlines, or exhausted.

Seed #7: Love and Reward Yourself

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According to research, one of the largest sources of unhappiness is the feeling of being unappreciated. Solution: appreciate yourself more. Start giving yourself kudos for your efforts and hardwork. Reward yourself with a weekend getaway for surviving a tough week. Go shopping after a successful presentation. This keeps you motivated and look forward onto the next challenges.

The workplace is not the only place to planting seeds of happiness. It generally applies on how we look at life positively. It’s a matter of renewing the mind by living our lives in goodness. And write it in your heart that no one can make you happy until you decide to be.

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