No amount of social media will help you

..when you don’t keep it consistent.

Do you know what similarity Coca Cola, Jennifer Lopez and GE has?

Of course we mean Social Media. What makes them similar on social media.

The answer is simple, great consistent performance in terms of
engagement because of dynamic content posted on a regular frequency.

If that is the key and that is the secret, then, well, there is really nothing to it!

But why is it hard to do it consistently?

The answer is real simple.
And it’s not because you are not creative or it’s not your craft.

The answer is this: time and attention.

You have a limited supply of both and its better invested elsewhere
specially over the holidays.

Now here is a story of our client who loves social media
but hates working on it.

One of our clients Pat, a chef and owner of a local restaurant here in the Philippines loves Facebook & Instagram.

In the beginning he loved posting his service and products because he wanted to make sure that people are updated with the latest news.

As his business grew, he found himself neglecting social media because he was focused on the business, operations, new food, customer service and etc.

He had a lot of unread messages, unanswered comments, and a maximum of 2 posts per month.

This decreased¬†his engagement down to a minimum and he said “Stop, I need to get ahead of this. I need a team of experts who’ll think about this, and only this. My bandwidth cannot take it anymore”.

So he hired an agency who does his social media posts and increased their engagement by 60% to 70%!

Our process:
We understand his product and audience
Come up with a couple of templates and drafts together
Agree on frequency and dates
Execute on a regular
This way you can post whenever you feel like it
but you know that activity and engagement will be maintained
on a frequency without you having to think about it.

Lets have a conversation so we can plan this together.
It shouldn’t take too long.

Set it up here.

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