You may have angered Gary Vee!

There’s no such thing as perfect.
Chasing ”Perfect” is the shortest road to not achieving it.
― Gary Vaynerchuk

It’s 2018. The year has started. The question is, have you?

Have you gotten started on your…

Nurturing leads
Building lists
Launching funnels
Setting up landing pages


Truth is most of you would have the same answer.
No. I have not started. I am still on holiday or my mind still is.

This is the kind of answer that would really annoy guys like
Gary Vaynerchuck. He would say, don’t fall asleep.
Now is the time. Hustle, hustle, hustle.

Ok so maybe you’re not there yet.
And you are still trying to find your entrepreneurial cadence.
Let me enlighten you a little bit with an idea.

What if you could keep things going or actually make things
happen without you having to do everything? What if you
could HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE through an agency that
makes everything happen while you enjoy the rest of your holiday.

The exact same list at the beginning of this email.
Done in two weeks or less. Ok ok, catch your breath.
You look stunned. But legit, it can be done.
Is this something that excites you?

Talk to us about the stuff you got on hold right now
and lets make it happen. We got a holiday thing package
thing happening right now. So its good timing. Book a time here.
Would love to understand and get your stuff moving.

Talk to you soon.

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