MAC OS X Yosemite for a Virtual Assistant

Big design update is the main attainment of the new released operating system for Mac OS X Yosemite. Its interface was designed to make Mac looks more like iPhones and iPads. It has a fresh, new look and streamlined toolbars, translucent elements cleaner, more consistent app icons and an updated system font. This design change was made to make the operating system clearer and more intuitive for users.

The iCloud drive has the same features with Dropbox wherein you can also drag and drop files in it which is built into Finder and allows you to store any kind of file in the iCloud. All the files from the iCloud will now be searchable via Spotlight as well as files from Mac, iPhone, iPad and Windows machines. Spotlight on Mac OS X Yosemite now features contextual answers including real-time conversion.

There is also fascinating updates on Mails. A new feature called Markup allows user to fill out forms and annotate images any PDFs from within the Mail app itself, and Mail Drop lets you send files up to 5 GB in size. Meanwhile, Messages will allow you to name message threads, add people to existing conversations, leave conversations that are no longer relevant and send audio via Soundbites.

Mac OS X also comes with a new feature called Handoff – which virtual assistants can use, is a contextual app that lets you instantly switch between devices when using an app, whether it’s writing message or editing a word document. You can now also create a Hotspot between your iPhone and Macbook without having to enter details as well as making calls. It will simply pop up on your Mac or MacBook letting you answer the call and take it, through the laptop.

Like iOS 8, Yosemite will be available as a free download to Mac users. It also has its new search feature that searches across the Mac and Microsoft Bing.

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