5 LifeHacks to Stay Productive When Dealing with a Crisis

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There are certain inevitable events such as loss in the family, serious illness, moving to a new place or financial issues that can hinder personal productivity at work. Despite the distractions of getting things done, if you’re a bit ‘under the weather’, here are some life hacks that can help you cope with these challenges and turn them into stepping stones to getting things done.

Set your personal Needs

Consider your current workload. Is there a need to eliminate some tasks to deal with family or attend to health care? In this case, you may want to put on hold new projects or take a break from a volunteer work. If you must, you may also negotiate for a reduced workload from the usual. Allow yourself time to work at a pace you are able to cope with. Consider your peak times and focus on being productive during those periods.


It is during these times that you may not able to do everything at your usual pace. Delegate tasks to an officemate that can do it 80% as good as you do. This way, you avoid burning yourself out instead of being productive. If people offer help during these times, let them do so.


Letting your clients or colleagues know about your situation helps iron out ‘misunderstandings’ on your part. Be direct in letting your boss or your co-workers know about your problem and that this may affect your ability to deliver your assignments. Though there is no need for you to disclose any personal details, just giving them a heads-up helps in re-calibrating them during this phase.

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List a to-do list

When you have a list, you’re able to pace yourself and still be productive. Having a list lets you adjust to the amount of workload you are capable for the day. List out important tasks and identify those you can just delegate. Take on small and manageable goals that you can accomplish at a given time. If you get to finish these goals, don’t forget to reward yourself.

Resist not doing anything

During this time, it may be hard to focus on tasks when you’re tempted to not do anything. Taking long breaks and rests will only put off more work and add more problems. If you feel like slacking off, distract yourself and do small tasks such as organizing paper works, sending off emails or calling up clients for reminders.

The challenges faced by anyone working under this condition may hinder their productivity. However, with these tips, it may help to lessen the gravity of the workload despite their circumstances. Try to keep a level head and focus on the solutions more on the problems. This way, you’ll be able to cope with the current situation instead of complicating it further.

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