Introducing Wi-Fi While Flying on a Plane

Men of big businesses fly here and there proposing projects, closing deals, having busy lives on busy streets, but losing connections in the peaceful air. Is there any way to get connected while on a plane to get track of what’s happening down there? Well, if you’re flying around US then you possibly can. Sounds unbelievable?

When Connexion and Boeing failed to attract the airlines with Wi-Fi on air on 2006; Aircell’s Gogo was successful in 2008 when airlines realized how attractive it is to customers.



How does it work? The internet backhaul goes from the plane to the towers on the ground creating an air-to-ground (ATG) connection.

This connection gives you the power of an internet you have on the ground; instant messaging especially text messages are no problem here. But when voice comes in, it’s already a different story.

According to Joe Cruz, Aircell’s CTO, people riding on a public plane will not like the person beside them to be talking for 4 hours. But of course, they do provide voice- for the crew of course. One thing also is that it wouldn’t work if it’s not 10,000 feet above the ground.

What do you need to have access with Wi-Fi while you’re on air? Basically you’ll need a device capable of connecting to Wi-Fi, a Gogo account, and don’t forget the fee.

When will this connection be available in the Philippines? To be honest I don’t think it would be any sooner. When connections on the ground are still slow, how can we expect to have a great connection on air considering the altitude and the price it pays to build it up? And I don’t think it is very useful or is it worth the price. Unlike US, our country is very small and 3 hours is the longest hour we have to stay on air. Before we can think about having connections on air, better fix first the connection problems on the ground, even just for the buses that “offers” Wi-Fi on board.

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