Infographics Don’t Need To Take Forever.

It would be a lot easier and cool if creating infographics was as simple as writing ol’ text-based blog posts. Well, for now, it looks like it’s gonna stay up there, in our dreams. And we just have to face the music: visual content like this takes a lot more time, effort and skill.

You probably know that Visual Content is the new black of content marketing, so you can’t just afford to throw in the towel.

I repeat, “Don’t throw in the towel just yet.” Because we’ve decided to take the pain out of infographic creation.

Step 1: Collect your data.

First things first, collect the content that you’ll be putting on your infographic. You can either collect third-party data or use your own original data. If you use third-party data, just be sure you properly cite your sources — just like in any other good piece of content.

Step 2: Choose your template.

The key to working fast on an infographic? Finding a solid template! I’m really grateful for the amazing tools out there that make infographics as easy as can be. Just remember to choose a template that works for the of the data you have.

Step 3: Customize your infographic.

Now, on to the fun part… But, out of all the 4 steps, this one’s going to take most of your time. Do your best to come up with an eye-catching title, plug you content, pick your font and font sizes. Enhance the overall graphics, too.

Step 4: Pin it!

The most satisfying step. You know you did something epic when you pin it! Including a “Pin It” button for visitors to easily share your infographic on Pinterest, and create and add an embed code for visitors to share it on their websites and blogs, as we did above.

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